Forget Fear Factor Holdsworth Will Never Be Impdom’s Worst Manager.

Time to take the pressure off David Holdsworth and the Mighty Imps who take that first step on the road to recovery tomorrow. David, fear not, for even with less cash than a bankrupt buddhist monk on remand,  you can’t possibly be our worst manager. Just as Lee Evans cannot possibly buy the cheapest suit in the shop, because he is always wearing it – and the wet version at that – unbelievably Steve Tilson, who has  just left, is not a contender either.  That is not to say you should get too complacent as we have had some roses growing out of the manure, your mentor – The Enticer – Graham Taylor being one. Those with a glass half full will also wax lyrical of  Colin Murphy, John Henry Strawson and perhaps the Lord of The Imps himself the great Bill Anderson.

Back to the point and Steve ‘ three times a charm’  Tilson certainly has a unique hat-trick and to be honest many managers would rather have the CV of Attila the Hun.  Incredibly he has now taken Southend down from the Championship to League 1. He followed that with double trouble and a drop to League 2. With the hat-trick in his sight, Uncle Bob was taken in by the allure of a track record that – well I would feel more confident walking under 10 ladders and stuffing snakes down my trousers and then asking a spiritualist to ask Joan of arc to an intimate tête-a-tête and barbecue on bonfire night – many would find a tad less than fortuitous. Surprise  surprise Tilly, then, clearly on a bit of a roll,  sensationally nailed the unique treble with the Imps exit from the Football League.  I bet trapdoor Broughton was gutted.  It is some record – for sure for sure – but sorry Steve, you are nowhere near our worst manager.

For despite us needing to cross a Bridge of Sighs that is the latest Sincil shambles, those pressing pins into their Sutton and Tilson voodoo dolls, are not even close when it comes to the worst manager in our history.  The winner, hands down , was aptly named CON.   That’s right when long-serving manager Bill Anderson retired in 1965,  Con Moulson was the shock choice to be the club’s new manager.  Another visionary decision by a Lincoln City board you say? Quite, given the 58 year old ex player  had not had any day-to-day involvement in football for almost three decades.

After only eight matches all defeats, which saw an unconventional 3-3-4 formation being deployed and 21 goals conceded, Moulson was relieved of his duties. After his turn as manager, Moulson reverted to his role as kit man and resumed work at the factory where he had been previously working. And no he did not take pre-season training. Word has it our new manager has the perfect answer not to mention man to sort our fitness problems and lack of punching power.

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