David Holdsworth is Here and Goliath’ s time will surely come

Long live David,  leader and saviour of the Mighty Imps.   Yes it is October again and time to sweep anew. So polish your horns and fear not ye faithful for David Holdsworth is here.  Keep the faith for Goliath’ s time will surely come as the Imps again sit upon the shoulders of men in some meek shall inherit the earth scenario.

What better way to start a new Lincoln City fans site site than to warmly welcome Imps new manager David Holdsworth. Certainly he was not everyone’s first choice,  let alone cup of tea, but then he will accept that just as squarely as we Imps have accepted him. Faith and keeping it are written through us like rock.

In truth a man who rather garners respect in the absence of   affection, has just the abrasive make up we need if we are to escape a rut that has the uneasy additional risk of looming financial  subsidence.  He is not going into things blind and does his homework , hence a slick realism at interview, coupled with a thorough gameplan that screamed this is the guy to try.   After expensive pay-offs to three previous mangement teams, his ‘Give me until the end of the season to turn it around’  is almost try before you buy.

Sixty players in a couple of years at Mansfield seems to be consistent with that rationale, something all the more impressive when most deals were done when the club had no money nor a training ground and almost even a home ground to call their own.  David is used to turmoil, reassuringly for us he is as comfortable living on  whits as he is a cure all chequebook. Its all good and suggests DH knows the lower and non Leagues well.

David Holdsworth will certainly return passion to fashion at Sincil Bank, turning zeros into heroes or dispensing of their services where possible with a ‘my way or the high way’ philosophy that has taken down a reputation or two.   We are in many ways employing a paramedic of a manager at the scene of a train wreck, who wears his heart on his sleeve.   David will not suffer fools gladly and perhaps mindful of the knowledge that he and we can ill afford to carry passengers, he has quickly taken lack of budget for an assistant,  in that exceedingly confident stride. Holdsworth is certainly not short on confidence and self belief with the Stags players nicknaming him ‘chocolate’  because if he could lick himself he would.  A little homespun Galaxy goodness please David, if the Galacticos are six zeroes to far.

Talk is cheap and history a meaningless mystery, but Davids early words and phraseology resonate hearabouts  ‘rolling up sleeves, organisation, hard work and a little bit of aggression as I was that kind of player’  are music to our ears after hearing Tilson’s pre and post match spiel.  After that Sutton’s mutton dressed as lamb,  Holdsworth is a brave credible fellow. Fair play –  and we Imps welcome that.

Good luck on Saturday David, not exactly Goliath but a knock-out duel none the less.  You  will get an idea of the potential for a football club at Lincoln, a league one  with dreams. With 700-1,000 set to travel you will hear, meet and greet  the travelling Imp hordes who, one and all,  keep the faith – For we believe!  You will get your first £12,500 towards a war chest if we win on Saturday but that is the tip of the iceberg. Eight thousand Imps saw us go down but the crowds could be back to at least half that if we are heading for the playoffs.

So lets hoist up the Lincoln Flag, lets hear the red Imps sing and if you don’t join in we’ll sing on our own.

David Holdsworths Barmy Army

We hate Grimsby

David Holdsworths Barmy Army

We hate Grimsby

Repeat indefinitely ,but never ever to fade.

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